The Six Week Challenge

If you had 6 weeks to change your life, could you do it?  Would you consider your chances higher than if you had, for example, a year?

Over at Nerd Fitness, they believe that 6 weeks is enough time to start a change and stick to it.  Users of their forums (like me) sign up for the challenge.  We’ll each list out 3 fitness and diet related goals and “Level Up” or life change goal, and then we tackle them over the process of 6 weeks.  Like any goal setting, you want to stick to a SMART system (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely).

The wonderful thing about a six week challenge is that it allows you to break up a larger goal.  Maybe you’d like to lose 50 pounds.  Perhaps you’d like to build your own website.  You’re not going to do those things over a period of six weeks. But you may be able to track your diet and lose 5 pounds.  You might be able to learn the basics of HTML.  Those things help you get closer to your goal, and momentum can be half the battle.

A little over a year ago, I was ready to work out and build muscle.  I grew up a scrawny kid with little muscle and a high metabolism.  In short, I was built to be a geek.  But after reading a lot of articles at Nerd Fitness, I though, “Boy, it would be nice to be a little stronger and look a little bigger and in general be healthier”.  I took on a couple of 6 week challenges, and I managed to put on about 20 pounds.  I didn’t look quite so scrawny anymore, and I think my wife was a fan.

Now I’m back on another six week challenge, this time to build up some endurance and muscle, while maybe losing a little weight (at least around my waistline).  Am I going to lose all the weight I want in 6 weeks? Nope.  I forget that sometimes, but I have to remind myself that it’s not going to happen.  I might lose a couple of pounds though, and I’ll get out on my bike more. Even posting here is a part of my challenge: to get started doing something that’s better for me than sitting around playing video games or wasting time online. (Not that those things are wrong in and of themselves.)

So I’ll pass the challenge on to you.  Nerd Fitness is in the middle of a six week challenge right now, but if you consider yourself a nerd and are looking to live healthier, I’d encourage you to check it out.  And if fitness isn’t your thing, don’t let that stop you from starting your own 6 week challenge.  Set some goals, get some friends to hold you accountable and get started.  Who knows how your life will change?  If it does, make sure to leave a comment below and let me know; I’d love to hear your story.


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