Inspiration through Comparison

A few months ago, I got a new boss.  My former supervisor moved on to a new position, and interviews started to fill the position.  The new supervisor we eventually hired looked pretty young.  As I’ve gotten to know him, I realized that he’s only a year older than I am.

There’s a guy at my church who’s a few years younger than me, and yet he’s already an associate pastor who manages a good amount of our church and provides mature council to many around the church as well.When your boss is barely older than you and pastor is a few years younger than you, you start to ask questions, like “What am I doing with my life?”

It sounds really funny when I write it out (probably because I imagine it in the voice of Homestar Runner), but I was serious when I said it to myself.  It was part of my motivation to start this blog, along with some brainstorming help from my wife.  And it would be easy to look at those guys and give up: to say, “If I’m not there now, I’ll never make it.  This is as good as I will ever be; why even try to be better?”

Or I can look at their lives as motivation.  I can view their example and say, “I’m not going to take this anymore!”  I don’t have to be subpar or mediocre.  I don’t have create ok art.  I can throw my all into what I do; I can leave it all on the floor  with my family, in my faith, at my work, and in my hobbies.

You have the same choice before you today (or perhaps you’ve already made it): continue being the example of mediocre, or make today the point you look back on to say “That was the day I decided to be the best version of myself.”


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