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The Title is Optional (10/16/2012)

The title is still optional because I still haven’t come up with anything. If you have any ideas, feel free to drop them in the comments. So here’s another collection of things that I thought were funny, thought-provoking, interesting or just plain awesome.

  • Jon Acuff points out that it’s always the drummer’s fault.  Based on conversations I’ve had this week and my personal experience as one of the drummers at my church, I may be forced to agree.  Feel free to blame all dips in offerings and giving on me.
  • Mom it’s going to be ok! That’s the encouragement from Stephen Altrogge as he encourages moms (stay-at-home ones particularly I think), that while they might feel like there’s way too much to get done in a day, there’s really only a few jobs that are necessarily important, and the rest can work itself out just fine.
  • Wanna know what loving like Christ loves looks like?  Take an example from the fine folks in Grapevine, Texas. There’s a game those kids will never forget.
  • Love a good cup of French Press coffee?  The guys over at Primer came up with a way to make it more automated. As someone who gets up pretty early, I may just have to try this sometime.

The Title is Optional (10/08/2012)

Here’s a recap of a few things I found either humorous, interesting, or just worth reading today. Hopefully you’ll find some enjoyment from them as well. I have no idea what to call this collection of stuff, so I just stole the suggestion WordPress gave me.